Here’s what’s new in Microsoft Excel in May 2023

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Excel

We’ve come to the end of yet another month, and as usual, Microsoft has published a new blog post highlighting all the new features that were added to Microsoft Excel throughout the month. This month’s update unpacks a ton of new features in Excel across the web, Mac, and Windows. Here’s everything you need to know:

Excel for web

First up, Microsoft has introduced an Add Option to Share Table Context Menu option in Excel for web. It’s designed to help users bring focus to the Table present in their Excel workbook. They can use the feature to generate a link from the table by selecting the Table option in the right-click menu and sharing it.

thumbnail image 1 captioned Add Option to Share Table Context Menu

Next up, Excel for web now ships with Proper date support. In the past, dates were recognized as strings, but with this enhanced support, they’ll now be viewed as date-and-time objects. In turn, this will allow accurate time-based filtering and sorting of data within the PivotTable. It’s worth noting that the feature isn’t yet supported outside of the PivotTable for instance in formulas.

thumbnail image 2 captioned Enable Proper Date Support

Additionally, the implicit measures in Power BI–connected PivotTables feature has also been enabled. “These now support drag-and-drop aggregations  (i.e., sum, average, distinct count, etc.) of fields without needed pre-defined measures (i.e., explicit measures) in the underlying Power BI datasets,” explained Microsoft in the blog post.

Microsoft Excel

And finally, Immersive Reader is now available for web users and is designed to let them customize their reading experience on the platform based on their preference. According to Microsoft, this new addition will help enhance the reading spead, increase comprehension, and reduce errors while reading for users.


To access the feature, select text and right-click or launch the context menu on the cell that you want to read and click on the Immersive Reader option. Alternatively, you can also select text and head to the View ribbon tab to access the Immersive Reader or simply use the Alt + W + R dedicated keyboard shortcut for the feature.

Excel for Windows

As for Excel for Windows users, Microosft is introducing a bunch of enahncements to the Narrator experience. According to Microsofgt, this new update that is currently rolling out to Insiders will provide users with ” more succinct and efficient reading experience while working in Microsoft Excel.”

What’s more, announcements will be prioritized based on the information you need to skin a workbook. What’s more, you can further customize the experience using keyboard shortcuts.

And just like Excel for web users, Enable Proper Date Support for PBI PivotTables and Implicit Measures Support for PBI PivotTables will also be shipping to Excel for Windows users too.

To get information on which features are available to you or find which version of Microsoft Excel you’re on, you can visit the Excel Features Flyer site. We’d also like invite you to check out April’s post in case you missed it. Be sure to let us know which feature you’re most anticipating in the comments.