Microsoft releases Windows 11 Insider builds 23424 to the Dev and 25330 to the Canary Channels

Kip Kniskern

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Microsoft is releasing two new Windows 11 Insider builds today, 23424 to the Dev Channel, and 25330 to the Canary Channel. If you remember, Microsoft changed up the Insider program a bit earlier this month, adding a Canary Channel and moving current Dev Channel Insiders to it, while still maintaining a Dev Channel. These builds are thought to be early testing for Windows 12 (Canary), while still maintaining early access to Windows 11 features (Dev).

23424 Dev Channel

This latest Dev Channel build adds two new features, an Evolved Widgets board with a larger canvas with up to three columns, and new zones to “provide users quick access to glanceable widgets from their apps and services as well as enable users to take a high-value break with their personalized feed,” along with a  Content Adaptive Brightness Control (CABC) for plugged in devices, including desktop PCs. Windows 11 users on laptops on battery are already familiar with CABC, but now the feature is expanding to included plugged in devices.

Also included in 23424 is a new setting under Settings > Windows Update for “getting the latest updates as soon as they are available.” While this new setting does nothing for the Dev Channel and will only apply to the Beta Channel “to allow Insiders to switch more seamlessly to the enablement package,” including it here in the Dev Channel allows Microsoft to test the backend services.

Also included are a number of other changes.

23550 Canary Channel

No big new features for this Canary Channel build (although it does rate its own blog post, woohoo!), but there are a couple of notable changes, including making Snipping Tool open by default with the print screen key, and making more Windows 11-like settings page for wheeled devices like the Surface Dial.

Microsoft Store Update

Windows Insiders in both the Canary and Dev Channels on the Microsoft Store app version 22303.1401.x or higher will see a couple of changes for the Store, including a new way to install free apps and games, a new design when purchasing apps and games in the Store, and new UX for the in-app ratings dialog.

Make sure to check out the Windows Insider blog posts for Canary Channel build 25330 and Dev Channel build 23424 for all the details.